Comics Corner: Giant-Size Super-Heroes 1


Title: Giant-Size Super-Heroes
Issue Number: 1
Release Date: June 1974


  • Reference is made to The Amazing Spider-Man 125, Marvel Team-Up 3, and 4
  • Peter Parker is nominated for photographer of the year, resulting in J. Jonah Jameson being unusually nice to him
  • Peter Parker has an epiphany that he shouldn't be wasting his abilities chasing down thugs, but instead focusing on the real villains that the cops can't deal with - The super variety of villain
Low Points
  • Oohph....First page has a building with the number 666 on it as the address
  • Teases a second issue that never got made
  • Editor's day off - "Some strange homicides occurring across the Eastern seaboard in a pattern that that apparently leads towards New York."
  • John Jameson thinks getting a cup of coffee will stop him from turning into the Man-Wolf?
Rating (based on a 1 through 5 Stans grading system)

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