Big Lick NOVA 2023! Part VII: Ron Marz and Mark Waid


If you were to look down the row of artists and writers at Big Lick 2023, it would have been Art Suydam, Rick Leonardi, a few unknown people (to me), Ron Marz, Mark Waid, and then Jim Shooter. Hidden behind them on the other side of a wall were Michael Golden and Renee Witterstaetter. This area was my main focal point of the convention, and where I spent the majority of day one.

Making my way down the row were my next two stops, the aforementioned Ron Marz, and Mark Waid.

Mr. Marz was one of the few comic related folks who I didn't initially have anything to get signed. However, in preparing for the show, I spent a lot of time on Comic Vine perusing the various attendees work, and in the case of Ron, found Batman / Aliens. The covers alone were enough for me to say, "I want these." Though I didn't note this at the time, these were the two books that Art Suydan asked if he could look at, and seemed really enthralled with.

Battle of Batman vs the Xenomorphs

Two-issue limited series co-published
by DC and Dark Horse

I'd love to say that my plan is to find a show where Bernie Wrightson is at, and have him sign as well to complete the duo's signatures. Sadly, he passed away in 2017, something which I found out from Mr. Suydam as he looked at the books.

Mr. Marz was charging ten dollars per signature, which wasn't too bad. Other than that though, I didn’t spend too much time at his table. Still, he was really friendly, and seemed genuinely happy to be there to sign books for fans.

Sitting next to Mr. Marz was Mark Waid.

For as widely popular as Mr. Waid is in the industry, I was surprised to see how very little I actually owned from him. The biggest thing, by far, was my mini-series run of Kingdom Come, which naturally got packed up to bring with me to the show. 

I would love the opportunity to get these signed by Alex Ross. Until that opportunity arises, Mark also did a few Spider-Man books which I was keen to get signed.

House of M was a series that was on my want list for a while, but which I never got around to picking up. When I saw that Waid would be at Big Lick NOVA 2023, they quickly became a priority. Fortunately, I was able to check them off my list, and have them in time to take with me.

There were just two odds and ends left that I wanted to get his signature on.

Also signed by Rick Leonardi that same day!

Mark was charging just five dollars for each signature, which made me wish I had more from him to get signed. Unfortunately, he didn't dabble too much in characters that really interested me. With that said, what he did do, such as the stuff above, I REALLY like! He is a great writer!

The next table down the row was the man of the hour, as far as I was concerned. Mr. Jim Shooter was next on my list, and though I have already posted several in my Big Lick NOVA 2023 series already about him, there are definitely more to come...

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