Retro Spins: Tears For Fears - Sowing The Seeds Of Love

I feel like people made a bigger deal about Tears For Fears in the 80's than they really deserved. I mean, they're okay. Their prior album, Songs From The Big Chair, was pretty good, but it didn't blow my mind by any means.

As I fired up their 1989 entry, Sowing The Seeds Of Love, it didn't poise itself to grab my either. It started out with the ballad, Woman In Chains, which derailed it pretty much from the start for me. One, I'm not a big fan of ballads. Two, you should start your album on a high note and then work your way into the ballads. At least that's my opinion.

By song two, I was already checked out. The album simply wasn't interesting to me. I left it run in the background while I fiddled around my toy room, hoping something would divert my attention back to it. This never happened.

The album continued to drone on in the background until it finally ended. Sowing The Seeds Of Love was somewhere in there, but it was never one of my favorites from Tears For Fears, so I really paid it no mind.

Overall, that's a hard pass for me.

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