Thanksgiving Starters And Final Prep

Thanksgiving morning was back to the kitchen time to do some final prepping for the day, and of course the cooking in general.

The morning started with me getting my slow cooked gravy going.

Because my turkey is only a breast, it doesn't have the typical "additions" that accompany a full bird. By that, I mean the giblets, which aid in the perfect gravy starter. To resolve this matter, I picked up a small pack of chicken drumsticks, and will use those. Bottom line, it takes some form of bird "meat", and a lot of water to simmer over the course of eight hours. I just keep letting it reduce down, and topping it back off to simmer some more.

Then it was time to prep my root vegetables, which will then go back in the fridge to sit in the oil mixture I made several days ago.

Next up, I needed my stuffing for the bird.

This was a combination of herb bread, sausage, chicken bone broth, onions, celery, carrots, and butter. But it also had to cool in order to stuff the bird with it.

To get us through the morning and early afternoon, we had some fresh baked sausage rolls and butternut squash soup.

It did the trick for sure.

As noon approached, the turkey was given a royal introduction to the stuffing, and disappeared into the oven, where it will sit for three and a half hours.

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