Thanksgiving 2021 Desserts

Busy, busy day around here. It all started bright and early at 7:00 AM when I started rolling out dough for my mini cupcake sized pies.

 My goal was to make four different desserts.

The first, caramel apple walnut pie...

The second, traditional pumpkin pie...

An upsized pumpkin pie in the form of pumpkin cheesecake...

And lastly, some vanilla cheesecakes.

All of these was topped off with my homemade whipped cream.

The end results turned out great, and since I made about six dozen (or more) in total, I had plenty to share with half a dozen people to in turn share with their families.

In between baking, I also prepped up the sausage rolls as part of our early light lunch / brunch to have before Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. This will be served with butternut squash soup. Light, yet satisfying until the big feast!

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