Comics Corner: The X-Men 35

Title: The X-Men
Issue Number: 35
Release Date: August 1967

  • When you only pop into a title here and there, the editor's notes which reference specific issues really help to bring you up to speed quick - Such is the case with the one in this issue which points to a scenario from issue 32 which saw Professor Xavier being taken by Factor Three, which explains why the X-Men are currently looking for the group 
  • Events unfold after The Amazing Spider-Man issue 52, and Spider-Man makes reference to his battle with Kingpin from that issue
  • The X-Men attack Spider-Man and he beats them all down
  • The X-Men try the old, "Oops sorry, I thought you were someone else," routine after the fight, and Spider-Man tells them all to pound sand
Low Points
  • Banshee sends a message to the rest of the team, before blacking out form a recent battle, which states, "Beware the spider," which lead to the team attacking Spider-Man
  • Does every super hero in the Marvel universe attack first and ask questions later? Are they all really that dumb?
  • Issue was released one full month before The Amazing Spider-Man issue 52, and essentially ruins the cliffhanger of issue 51 (released the same month as this X-Men issue) where Spider-Man has just been defeated and knocked out by Kingpin
Rating (based on a 1 through 5 Stans grading system)

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