Hasbro Streams G.I. Joe Cartoons Over Youtube

Here's a bit of news that I missed in March. Hasbro has uploaded a ton of great cartoons to their Youtube page, which consists of quite a few of the original G.I. Joe episodes. There are thirty-one of them in total, which makes for some great times.

If you're a fan, now is a great time to check out their page.

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  1. Nice!I haven't checked out Hasbro's channel In a while. I remember when they had that channel on cable TV . The name I can't recall. Also , If you have a Roku ,Firestick or even just a PS3/PS4 ,there's an app called Tubi.It's a movie/show streaming app and there are about 4 seasons of the original Sunbow cartoon series and a couple of seasons of the 90's DIC cartoon series. Not to mention a ton of other great 80's cartoons like C.O.P.S. ,Transformers etc. You should check It out ;)

    1. Well that "channel" sounds like pure awesome, but sadly, I have none of those things you mentioned.

  2. Crap :( What about phone? I watch It on my phone sometimes.