16 Hours To Go!

If you haven't pledged yet, you have only sixteen hours left, at the time this article went live, to pledge and support The Original Spawn Action Figure And Comic Book from Todd McFarlane on Kickstarter. As of this post, the campaign is less than eight thousand dollars shy of hitting the three million dollar mark, far exceeding its original one hundred thousand dollar goal.

Since its inception, Todd McFarlane himself has continuously provided not only video updates on the figure, but continued to incentivize buyers with multiple upgrades in the form of additional weapons, heads and upgrades. Additionally, Todd has also provided multiple tiers, which allow backers to get autographed plaques with their figures.

If you've been waiting until the last minute, well, you're essentially there. Back this project now before you miss out on one of, if not the most, successful action figure campaign on Kickstarter.

Update: 6 Hours to go, an the pledges are over three million dollars!
Update 2: Campaign is over. $3,447,390.00 earned!

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