Retro Spins: Bright Lights, Big City

Michael J. Fox really lucked out when he took a little break from filming Family Ties to take on the roll of Marty McFly. He skyrocketed into super stardom, and quickly became a household name, and iconic 80's actor, and someone many fans still adore to this day.

Plunge into the electrifying and often dangerous nether world of Manhattan's seductive fast lane-a life of all-night parties and neon lights that has young Jamie Conway moving way too fast. As the struggling writer in search of his identity, Michael J. Fox gives, "a performance [that] is one of the most exciting in years" (ABC Radio Network). The all-star cast includes Kiefer Sutherland (Stand By Me, The Lost Boys), Phoebe Cates (Gremlins), Swoosie Kurtz (True Stories) and Oscar-winner Dianne West (Hannah and Her Sisters). Popular recording artists Bryan Ferry, Prince, Depeche Mode and New Order also perform on the scorching original soundtrack.

Jay McInerney scripted this forceful, startling drama from his bestseller that has been called The Catcher In The Rye of the '80s. See Michael J. Fox in a role unlike any he's ever taken on. Bright Lights, Big City shines. - Back of the original VHS.

When you start a soundtrack out with a song from Prince, that's a plus for me. It's even more so a plus when said song was released strictly on the album, and doesn't appear on his studio ones. Well, that is until it was re-released ten years later in an alternate version for his 1998 album, Crystal Ball. The track takes me right back to the better days of Prince's music. It's a fantastic song in the fashion of his alter ego, Camille.

The album then delivered me a sucker punch with New Order's True Faith. I loved this song in the 80's, but honestly never knew who sang it or what it was called. Over the decades, I honestly forgot about it. I'm so happy to have been reintroduced to it! As I dug into the history of the hit, I actually found out it was only released on the band's 1987 compilation album, Substance. I may have to track this one down as the version on the soundtrack is a remix.

Things took a quick downward spiral from there though. Song from there seemed to be rather uninteresting for me. Though I did dig the funky feel to the album, it didn't come with memorable tracks backing it. The soundtrack at least ended on a high note with the MARRS hit, Pump Up The Volume.

Overall, it was funky, but unmemorable. I'm glad I was able to reintroduce myself to True Faith, and the Prince song definitely stands out as a high point. I've definitely nabbed these tracks for my iTunes and iPod mixes.

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