Next Stop: Brazil!

Today's the day. Three years in the making. I've completed my 1983 to 1987 G.I. Joe collection.

It all started back in 2017 with metal helmeted Cobra Commander (and others), and ends today with the last five figures...

...1986's Special Mission Brazil sub-series: Leatherneck (V2), Mainframe (V2), Claymore, Dial-Tone (V2) and Wet Suit (V2).

I'd be lying to myself if I said there weren't other figures in the line I was looking for. In fact, there's still around seventy of them. However, now that I've accomplished this goal in my collection, I'm going to expand more on other lines which have taken the back burner to Joe's for the past few years. I definitely want to work a little more on my Thundercats and Captain Power figures, as well as grab a few more G1 Transformers and carded COPS figures.

Before I start charting my next collecting adventure course, I first want to take a moment to do what many collector's don't do. Sit back and just enjoy what I've amassed before running off to the next thing. I think I'm also going to invest in some Styrofoam sheets to create an elevated tiered look for each row.

If you want to have a closer look at my collection of Joe's, you can see each individual figure "HERE" and "HERE". I've updated every single photo recently to use the USS Flagg as the backdrop.

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  1. Insane Joe collection!The gangs all there!Those are pretty much what I collected as a kid.Anything Hasbro released after that was an afterthought.

    1. G.I. Joe took front and center in my toy playing days by 1987. I had other toys, but definitely not in the volume of Joes. That's why I still want to get some from beyond 87. I'd like to get all the ones I had as a kid, as well as the others I wanted, but didn't have.

  2. That is a fantastic collection. Nice job hunting them down.