Farpoint Toys...Revisited

Ever since my first visit to Farpoint Toys, I have eagerly been awaiting a return trip. That day finally came with a planned trip back to the area for a family get together.

The plan was simple. Leave in the evening on Thursday, take the day off Friday for the shop, spend Saturday with the family, and come home Saturday evening. There was just one problem. As the week slowly ticked away, I got as antsy as a little boy who needed to pee. I couldn't sit still. Worst of all, with each passing day I got more and more hyperactive. People around me started wishing the day would come so they wouldn't have to deal with me. I think my co-workers most of all couldn't wait to get rid of me.

Well, as I type this, my trip has finally come, and sadly gone. It's now Friday evening, and while I have a lot of fun new toys, I wish I could go back to Farpoint Toys even as I type this. Justin and Penelope are great folks, and they have one fantastic store.

There were several things I was on the hunt for, and oddly enough, some of them were items which I had left behind during my first visit. Fortunately, most of them were still there, and while I didn't get all of them, I got most of them.

Before I go into that, I thought I would share some updated photos from my visit today. While a lot of the merchandise hasn't changed from my initial visit, I was always rather disappointed in my original shots. Mainly because I was so overstimulated that I missed the details. Hopefully these photos will rectify that original oversight.

It all starts with that awesome sign, letting you know you've arrived!

In the "flower beds", you can paint a rock if you want, but Yoda insists you not steal any.

Once you open the door, be prepared to be wowed!

 G1 Transformers, Beast Wars and so much more than meets the eye!

There was one Trasnformer I came looking for, but in hindsight, I wish I had taken a moment to look for a few others.

 There was no doubt in my mind I'd be digging through the Joe display before the day was over.

I pulled about twenty to twenty-five from the case, including a complete set of Python Patrol, but ended up putting the majority of them back due to cracked elbows. Sadly, that included the Python Patrol set.

 Vintage, current, custom? What's you Star Wars preference? Farpoint Toys has a vast selection of it all.

 This R2 unit is so awesome!

 I love this top shelf (above and below photo). It's a set which will only be sold as an entire lot. Take a close look. Every figure from the vintage line from Star Wars to Ewoks is accounted for - Too and include the Dianoga from the Death Star playset.

 This shelf was of particular interest to me because it had the first item I bought from the store on it. In fact, the day before arriving I called and asked if they had one in stock, then anxiously waited for my arrival on Friday to get it before it was sold.

 Loose isn't the only option for Star Wars toys either. Check out these pristine boxed classics!

 I'm not a fan of Boba Fett myself, but even I have to admit this life size figure is beast!

This smaller cabinet (three photos above) had some unique Star Wars items which I didn't really know the history of.

 I was a little disappointed to see how picked through the NES cartridges had been since my first visit. I was hoping to grab a few more boxed and complete cartridges, but unfortunately picking were slim.

 I would have gotten Ghosts N' Goblins, but it was missing the manual, which would have cost me another ten bucks off ebay.

I was hoping to find the Coleco Vision I saw on their Facebook page, but it looks like it came and went fast...Either that, or I missed it.

 Were it not for a $499.99 price tag, these Food Fighters would have been on my take home list. The only ones missing are the four variants.

 I'm all about the ghosts from The Real Ghostbusters line. There are so many of them, and they're all so unique.

 Justin told me the Eternia Playset had the tracks, but that they were reproductions. Honestly, for as much as I like Masters of the Universe, this one is not on my list.

 How many Holy Grails of toy collecting can you spot in this cabinet?

 There's that Lionbot that I really wanted last time. I was just about to take the plunge on this one, but then ended up passing at the last minute. The additional $299.99 price tag would have put me over the budget I wanted to spend.

I honestly don't know much about My Little Pony, but I can definitely see how these things could be addicting to a collector with all the different styles and colors.

I feel like I could have picked one or two up, and it would have been okay.


 If these Strawberry Shortcake dolls weren't being sold as a set, I honestly would have bought her and The Purple Pie man.

 They say a picture is worth a thousands words. This has never been more true than when I was editing all of these to put up in my post. Not one, but two complete Voltrons in that cabinet? I would have definitely bought one of these had I not just snapped a photo and kept going. Dang it!

Wrestling figures, anyone?

 Between the register section and far right side of the store, Farpoint has you covered with comic books and comic book related figures.

And that about wraps it up for a revisit of the store, but what about what I took home? Well, just you have a look!

I picked up an entire run of Captain Power figures, and quickly found out two things.

1) Give things a thorough look through prior to buying. While the figures were in great shape, the accessories were another story. Several were broken, and some were even missing. This was not "complete" as advertised.

2) Captain Power accessories are brittle. As I was positioning the wings of Soaron Sky Sentry, I snapped a good piece of them off. Fortunately, my visits after Farpoint Toys rectified that "problem". First I bought Super Glue, and then I actually found a second Soaron in better shape which I decided to buy.

What I need to figure out is what I'm going to do with Lord Dread and Captain Power. I have two loose / complete Powers already, and one in the package. The one above makes three, and I really don't want or need it. Same thing for Dread. I have one loose and one in the package. Don't need another.

Ever since getting my Real Ghostbusters toys, I've wanted two things.

1) A Janine Melnitz figure.

2) A Fearsome Flush ghost.

I got both today.

What other toy line do you know that has a toilet?

One of the figures I wanted from my first visit to Farpoint was Mattel's Mork with his egg. They still had it in stock, and I decided I wasn't going to leave it behind this time.

I don't know what it is about the figure that draws me towards it. While my sister watched Mork and Mindy, and therefore I knew about it, the series was never really my thing. Something about this figure causes me to "need" it in my collection.

I've been on the hunt for a Bumblebee for some time now, but always pass on it. Recently, dealers have been asking way too much for such a simple figure - Upwards of $90.00. When I found this one for $25.00, it was an instant sale. I not only knew Farpoint would have one, but that they also wouldn't be lunatics about the price.

If you didn't see it coming, I of course got a handful of Joes. At this point, I'm just trying to clean up on the ones I had as a kid, which came out after 1987. I also want to grab the remaining ones I wanted, but never had. There are actually about seventy figures in total I'm still looking for.

You would think for how many I said I passed on because of cracked elbows that I would have caught the fact that Tiger Force Tripwire had a crack in his right arm. This kind of sucks, because to get one off of ebay that isn't broken, but not complete, the cheapest one is $18.00. I'm going to have to keep looking for that one, as I'm not about to pay more than what I paid for this one just to get a replacement. On the other hand, I'm also not going to count him as officially in my collection until he's all fixed up.

I really wanted to get more Joes today. Too bad they were busted up.

I told my self I was going to get a Rancor when I came back to Farpoint, and I did just that.

Because the price was right, I also went ahead and picked up a Wampa.

Last, I picked up the very last Star Wars figure I "needed" for my vintage line...

...Blue Snaggletooth. I've had a few opportunities to buy this figure, but always passed because the ones I found were in such terrible shape, yet the sellers were still asking premium pricing for it. This one still set me back the premium price, but it's probably the best condition one I've ever come across.

While I never counted this figure as a necessity in order to consider my vintage line complete, it was one which I always wanted to get in the long run. No, I won't be going for any vinyl cape Jawas or any other variants. This is it for me in terms of Star Wars figures.

It also wraps up my second trip to Farpoint Toys. I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of the store as well as my showcase of new finds.

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  1. I made a post on one of my older blogs on Captain Power figs and how brittle the accessories are.I snapped the wings off my MOC Masterson fig upon taking him out of the packaging.Totally sucked ,man :( They don't age very well.