Ninja Turtles (AKA Ninja Turtles Movie) (Playmates Toys)

Ninja Turtles
Playmates Toys

Seeing the new Michael Bay TMNT movie was not an exciting or fun experience for us - And, we'll leave it at that.

As one would expect, Playmates Toys was quick to produce a load of toys to support the film. Oddly enough it seems to have been a one and done project for them. Since the initial wave of toys, Playmates Toys has announced nothing new for the movie based series.

Though the line wasn't a complete failure for the company - quite the opposite, we can't help but think that it could have been much more successful if it was rolled into the current Nickelodeon line such as how the original 1990's movie figures were handled with the original TMNT line. Keeping everything "under one roof", so to speak, would have pushed more fans to take the plunge if for no other reason than to have a complete set.

Nine basic figures were released, out of which two were the most difficult to track down - April O'Neil and Raph in Disguise. These short packed figures were quickly gobbled up by fans and scalpers, and while prices on secondary markets didn't seem to boom, it took a while before stock became abundant enough to meet demand.






April O'Neil

Raph in Disguise

The Shredder

Foot Soldier
Playmates Toys also tried their hand at evolution packs. These three packs depicted a Turtle character in three phases - Regular turtle, young mutant and teenage mutant. Sadly, Playmates didn't do anything different for the teenage version, and simply released the same basic figure as above. Only two evolution packs were released.

Evolution of Leonardo

Evolution of Raphael
For folks who wanted to nab all four turtles at once and call it a day, this four pack was available to help you with that. Unless you're a pack collector, there would be no reason to buy this set if you already had the figures above, and vice versa, as they were nothing short of the basic figures packed together.

Ninja Turtles Group Pack
The Turtle Assault Van was the one and only vehicle released for the series - and one of the better pieces, speaking from opinion of course.

Turtle Assault Van
Playmates Toys also released a series of larger deluxe figures which featured arm movement which was activated by squeezing the figure's legs together.

Combat Warrior Leonardo

Combat Warrior Michelangelo

Combat Warrior Donatello

Combat Warrior Raphael
The last items released were the eleven inch figures. If you're looking for the most detail that these toys can offer, this is really your best route as the large size brings out a lot of it. Of course space may be an issue for many collectors with such large figures.





As we said above, this appears to be a one and done series for Playmates Toys. Due to the amount of time that has elapsed since the film hit theaters and this post, we would honestly be surprised if more product was coming down the pike. There's been no word from Playmates Toys regarding whether the line will continue or if it has been cancelled. Typically no news means the latter, but we suppose time will tell.
Join us next time when we take a look at Onimusha 2!

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