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1993 was my introduction to Ozzy Osbourne. It was a fascinating venture into the growing genre of heavy metal. To me, Ozzy was new, fresh, raw and with a solid album in No More Tears (which was actually released in 1991). It blew my mind to see that he had so many albums prior to it. How could I have never heard of the man? The doorway was kicked wide open as I was soon exposed to classics such as Blizzard of Oz, Diary of A Madman, and my personal, and the most unappreciated album in his catalog, The Ultimate Sin.

Over the course of my life, I've gone in and out of phases for bands / singers, and for me, this era was all about Ozzy. He had dethroned artists such as Prince, Guns N' Roses and Ozzy Osborune. He would later be dethroned by Rush, which would lead to my all time favorite group of all time, Queen. While I've since then expanded even further into other music, they remain at the top of that list to this day.

But I digress. Let's step back in time to Ozzy's 1991 album, No More Tears.

When I first heard it, I had a great appreciation for the first half of the record. Mr. Tinkertrain, I Don't Want To Change The World, Mama I'm Coming Home, Desire, No More Tears and S.I.N. were my favorites of that point in history. However, after giving them their fair chance much later down the road, I grew to enjoy several tracks from the back half of the album. Not all of them, but most of them.

However, as I sit down to listen to this album today, while I still like the songs from it, they are admittedly very "loud". I don't know if this is because I've grown older or if perhaps I'm just not in the mood for something like this. It's admittedly been a rather frustrating day. So in that regard, the timing may not have been right for it. Of course, the other viable problem could be that I've simply listened to this album too much over the years and I'm just over it. Whatever the reason was, I eventually turned it off.

Regardless of where I'm at today that prevented me from getting through it, this album holds a special place in my mind to me. It transports me back to a time when life was a bit easier, living at home, going through high school and having the final years of my responsibility free life before really learning what it meant to be an adult.

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