Retro Spins: Aaron Neville - Warm Your Heart


Aaron Neville is a nice change of pace from the hard drumming, loud strumming music I'm accustomed to. Thought I'd be lying if I said it was my favorite, it's still nice to sometimes just listen to something mellow. That's what I got from Aaron Neville's 1991 album, Warm Your Heart.

I purchased this album for two specific songs, Everybody Plays The Fool and Ava Maria. Much like the style of music, these are far from my favorite songs in the world, but again, the quieter, soothing nature of them is a nice change of pace. Especially when you're having a blah sort of day, which I was. It was one of those boring sort of Saturdays where I just didn't want to do anything. Even perusing through 80's albums felt like work, and I just wasn't feeling it.

Perhaps what I really needed was a nap. Because that's what I (somewhat) got while listening to Warm Your Heart. It was so relaxing that I kept finding myself tilting back in my chair with my eyes closed. That may have been driven by the massive lunch I ate though. Check this bad boy out.

Don't let the tin foil fool you. That massive Big Mac looking beast is home made, including the special sauce. I've felt pretty lethargic (and miserable) ever since crushing that beast.

But that's a different kind of "warm your heart". This post is supposed to be about Aaron Neville.

Um...Yeah, the album was okay. Nothing to write home about. A nice change of pace, but not with any songs, beyond the two noted above, to really get excited about. Anyway...back to my nap.

This is going to be my last 90's and beyond album for a while. Honestly, my desire for these albums got derailed by Alanis Morrisset. Killed my desire. Coupled with the shear volume of 80's albums I still have that are sitting unheard, I really don't have the time to delve into anything beyond that decade.

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