Retro Spins: Jermaine Jackson - Precious Moments

Of the Jackson Five, with exception to Michael, I felt Jermaine's voice got better and better as his career progressed. He started to stand out more and more as a solo artist in the 80's, and while he never necessarily took off, he still held his own. His 1986 album, Precious Moments showcases this talent, but is it any good?

It starts off with a tantalizing Spanish style guitar before the track Do You Remember Me cranks up and takes off. It's a solid track, but admittedly has a little bit of an annoying midsection when the song starts to skip and jumble, intentionally, before getting back on track.

Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone is a decent ballad, but overall, sounds like a rejected track from your typical 80's movie.

Overall, I can keep this pretty short - The album isn't good. While Jermaine brings solid vocals to each song, the overall quality of said tunes isn't there. It's ballad heavy, not too particularly interesting and definitely not impactful. Precious Moments is one you can skip.

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