Revised Remco Karate Kid Shelf


I've been in an accessory buying mood as of late. Specifically for those that contributed to my incomplete Remco Karate Kid line. Fortunately, I've found quite a bit. This, however, also necessitated the restructure of my single shelf of figures.

This top shelf represents the first film, and each figure, with the exception of Miyagi scrolls, is now 100% complete! Over complete, actually. I have two additional break away boards, and an extra break away wall that I had to put away because it didn't fit on the shelf.

Shelf two represents the second film, and the only accessory I would still "need" to make it complete, would be another break away pole for Miyagi (version 2). I might try to find two of them just to balance out both sides of the shelf.

I went from having zero break away ice for the longest time to having two in the same day. Fantastic find!

This last shelf represents the tweaked and re-released second series. This is the one I'm missing the most accessories for. I still need parts for the break away chair which goes with Kreese, and the weapon for Johnny.

I technically now have three break away fighting poles, but only one is shown because the others are in transit still. I don't honestly know how many came with Sato and Chozen, so I think I'm going to try and get four in total. That's how many are shown on the combined packages for the two figures.

Proving to be difficult to find are the accessories for Miyagi and Daniel, which are the break away log and stand, and a second version of the break away ice with stand. I have the two halves of the ice block, but no stand. I don't have any of the pieces for the log.

The search continues!

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