Hasbro H.I.S.S. Tank - 16,000 Backers Reached!


Things slowed down for quite a while, but we've finally made it to 16,000 backers, unlocking tier four.

I honestly believe that "Mickey Mouse" Cobra Commander was not planned for this campaign. I think with the rate in which support dropped when tier two was announced that they combined their original tier three and four into tier three, and scrambled for a replacement fourth tier. 

My reasoning for this conclusion is because these campaigns are planned out well in advance, thus the 3D renderings for all the items shown for tier one through three. However, with tier four, all they had was the above drawing.

I have no doubts that a retro style Cobra Commander figure wasn't planned, and one will probably still come as the remaining two yet announced Wal-Mart exclusive retro editions. However, I think the inclusion of the "Mickey Mouse" logo will be exclusive to this project.

There's still thirty-five days left in the project, so there's plenty of time left for more people to jump on board, and be part of the first G.I. Joe Classified HasLab.

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