TV's The Munsters: Herman Munster (Mattel)

TV's The Munsters: Herman Munster

Merry Christmas (Eve) Toy Box readers!

Today we're going to take a look at a holy grail to a lot of Munsters collectors - Mattel's 1964 released Talking Herman Munster doll and hand puppet!

Whether you come across the twelve inch doll or slightly smaller hand puppet, what you'll find is the same molded composite green vinyl hands and head with cloth bodies.

With the pull of his "Chatty Ring", Herman says one of ten different phrases, all in Fred Gwyn's fantastic voice. Some of the lines include;

"You must come over and meet my wife."
"I love your hands. So cold and clammy."
"I'm a Munster. Er. Herman that is."
"A tisket a tasket I lost my little casket."
"You are the ghoul of my dreams."
"We could make such horrible music together."
"You are so cute I'm green with envy."
"Hello there. I'm your new babysitter."
"I like the Beatles...real beetles."

Despite being highly popular and desirable to Munsters fans, these surprisingly won't set you back too much on secondary markets. Both can be picked up for $100.00 or less (loose). Of course if you're looking for them in their boxes you're going to pay anywhere from four to five times more - Depending on the condition of said boxes.

Honestly, the most fun we had with these two toys was just getting the chance to hear Fred Gwyn's voice another time as the gentle and light hearted Herman Munster. For their age, the talking mechanisms have held up rather well. Not a hint of squeakiness to either of them. Of course they did both have the traditionally tinny sound as if being spoken through a can, but that only added to the joy of "playing" with them.

If you're a Munsters fan, these two items should definitely be on your list of collectibles to get.

If you celebrate it, we hope you have a merry Christmas tomorrow and that Santa brings you all kinds of fun new stuff. We'll have one more post prior to closing out 2018. Until then, happy holidays!

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