Modern Age (Toy Biz)

Modern Age
Toy Biz

In our last post we described what the various "ages" of comics were, and where they fell in time wise. This is key as it sets the era of where these figures fall in. However, with that said, while the title of this series is Modern Age, it's important to note that these technically fall under the Bronze Age now.

Toy Biz released its Modern Age set in 1999, which is actually prior to the Silver Age series (2000) being released. Though there are only a handful of figures, this is a great line for finding some obscure figures you won't get anywhere else - Well, with the exception of Wolverine, which has been done to death.

Captain Britain

Black Bolt

Each figure came packaged with a really nice trading card as well as a handful of accessories. The package itself has an almost Robocop feel to it - At least to us it does.

Shang Chi


The series won't set you back too far these days. At just $5.00 a piece (on average), there doesn't appear to be a high demand for them. Definitely a good time to jump on these if they're on your radar.

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  1. I never heard of these.You don't see many Marvel figures with any kind of soft goods incorporated into them these have to dive back in time to pick up little gems like Shang Chi.

    1. Yeah, the days of stitching articles for figures seems to be over - Or rather unless you want to pay out the nose for it. It seems only the high ends stuff still puts any effort into that front - But again, it's going to cost you.

      More so than the stitched items, we love the one shot Toy Biz lines like this more so for the obscurity of the figures you'll find in them. Many gems can be found in these types of lines.

  2. Nice - I have the Captain Britain, but I got him loose, so I'd never realized that he originally came with Lockheed. Good to know!

    1. Definitely one of the best pieces in the line.

  3. Cool. I have the Captain Britain from this line, but I found him loose, so I hadn't realized that he came with Lockheed - that's good to know!