Richie Rich - The Poor Little Rich Boy (Dimensions for Children)

Richie Rich - The Poor Little Rich Boy
Dimensions for Children

Today we're doing a little cross promoting of The Harvey Mercheum site. Curator Jon was kind enough to donate images of the entire Richie Rich line from Dimensions for Children, and even helped us to track down our own set for purchase. Thanks, Jon!

The reality of Richie Rich is that we really can't say more or less than what Jon already said for us in our post related to the Richie Rich comic books from Harvey Comics. Jon's also pretty much covered all the ground there is to cover with his page dedicated to the figures.

I guess what we're saying is that we're going to go ahead and take the day off, and leave this visual guide up to the link's above. Lazy...

 Richie Rich*Gloria Glad

 Cadbury the Perfect Butler*Dollar the Dog

 Reggie Van Dough*Irona the Robot Maid


Join us next time when we take a look at 8-Bit Zombie!

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