Army of Two - The 40th Day (NECA)

Army of Two - The 40th Day

Army of Two is one of those games that is so much fun to play - Especially in co-op. The objective is simple - Kill or be killed. Sprinkle in a massive range of weapon and mask customization, and you've got a game series that has not only a fun premise, but longevity too.

What's better than sitting down for hours on end playing the series of games? Playing with the action figures of course.

NECA delivered yet another fantastic series of video game based characters when they developed Rios and Salem for this very small, very short lived series. If there's one complaint we had, we would have loved to see more accessories. In fact, accessory packs full of masks and kitted out weapons would have been a great addition to this line, and would have been a cheap way for NECA to keep it going a bit longer. Missed opportunity we suppose.



We're definitely looking forward to whatever EA has in store for the next round of AoT games. Hopefully at that point someone will capitalize on the fun aspect of weapon and mask packs in an all new action figure line.

Join us next time when we take a look at Richie Rich - The Poor Little Rich Boy!

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