Putting the F.U. In Fun.Com!

Sigh...I wouldn't normally use The Toy Box for this kind of post, but after the day I've had, this was just sort of the icing on the cake, and I have to vent...

For those of your that collect Funko Pops, you may be familiar with the recent Fun.com exclusive Marty McFly with Hoverboard from Back to the Future Part II. Now I'm not the biggest fan of these things personally, but my girlfriend is. So when I saw that this would be out just in time for the holidays I thought, "That would make a great Christmas stocking stuffer."

I, like so many before me clicked the preorder button, paid for my item, and then played that dreadful game that collectors so often find themselves playing - The Waiting Game.

When I got home from work today - Which was a great deal of my frustration - 14 hour work day for the win - I just wanted to relax. The sight of a box on the doorstep gave me a bit of a smile, and I immediately asked myself, "Is this my exclusive?!?!?" I grab the small brown box, note the return address, and excitedly rip it open to find...This;

 HULK SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, apparently someone at Fun.com felt that the best way to send me a collectible Funko Pop was to first put it down on the floor, and stomp on it. At least that's the only conclusion I can come to since the brown box it came in was perfectly shaped with not an iota of damage. This is literally the shape of the Pop prior to whomever was packing it put it into the box to send to me.

Are you kidding me, Fun? Seriously, are you kidding me? You are selling a collectible to collectors at collector prices, and you think for one second that this is the condition someone would want to receive this? You think this is okay in the slightest?

Even if this weren't a collectible item, I'm your customer. Whether it's an iron, toy, food, whatever - Nobody paying good money wants to receive something like this. They just don't. This is 100% ignorance and lack of caring on your part.

I immediately signed on to Fun.com, and wrestled with their poor website design to find the return an item option. I was greeted by the next thing that totally rubbed me the wrong way - A notice that returns would be $6.99 on my dime! So let me get this right - Fun.com doesn't even have a return policy that is justifiable and fair to customers when they receive something like the photos above? Customers have to be even more out of pocket?


Fortunately a very short hold time, and a phone call away later I was assured a replacement was on the way, and while I was on the phone a free return label hit my inbox. Does this make up for everything? Honestly, no, it doesn't. Because this never should have happened in the first place. It just shouldn't have.

We'll see how the replacement comes in, but regardless, this will most definitely be my last time ordering from Fun.com. Sorry, but I can't support a company that simply doesn't care to send items to people in a condition in which they themselves would expect to receive them if they were the paying customer.

Anyway, thanks for appeasing me with my rant, folks.


It deserves to be said that Fun did eventually make things right by getting me a perfect condition Pop, but I stick to what I said before - This should have never happened. Common sense would have gone a long way on the part of whomever was packing boxes that day.


  1. Well at lest it's going to get replaced which is good.

  2. Wow, what was the person who packed something that damaged for shipment thinking?

    1. They were thinking, "Meh, it's not my merchandise."