The Magical Burger King (Knickerbocker)

The Magical Burger King

Part magic kit, part toy, all kinds of fun! The Magical Burger King is one of the very few licensed toys out there based on Burger King's mascot of the same name.

For starters, this fantastic set contains a twenty inch part plush, part plastic Burger King "doll". It included a cloth which with a little "magic" could change from green to blue.

Two packed in accessories included a magic Burger King ring for you to wear, as well as a palm size Whopper which with a little more "magic" you could make disappear.

Oddly enough, what the figure didn't include was the table which is prominently shown on the box - A real pity as this is certainly a predominant aspect of the box.

Unlike most Knickerbocker toys, The Magical Burger King is fairly easy to obtain, and for a reasonable price. In the box it typically sells for between $20.00 and $40.00. Not bad considering other Knickerbocker items can set you back upwards of a thousand dollars or more for one item.

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  1. Ran into this "Magical Burger King" at a Taco place me and my wife went too while on a trip out of town recently...he was part of the wall decorations they had there.

  2. Replies
    1. I had this doll growing up. Dragged it everywhere. I miss him😕

    2. Good time of year for Santa to bring one.