Pulp Fiction Geomes (NECA)

Pulp Fiction Geomes

What the heck are Geomes? A closer look reveals that a Geome is a mini block figure that resembles something a little more advanced than Playmobile figures, with more articulation and detail.

Oh, Mini-Mates!

No, not Mini-Mates - Geomes.

We have no doubts that Neca developed their line of Pulp Fiction Geomes to contend with Diamond's Mini-Mates. Unfortunately for them, there seemed little to no interest when the company entered the ring. With just four sets on the market, Neca quickly scrubbed the concept, and ceased further plans to release mini block figures.

Neca does get a nod for being the first company to develop figures based on Tarantino's blockbuster film. Sadly, we just wish that it would have been an action figure line the likes of the 3 3/4 inch scale - You know, like the one that Funko produced and is raking in cash hand over fist.

 Clean Up: Vince, Jules, Jimmy and Wolf

 Overdose: Vince, Mia, Jody and Lance

 The Cast: Vince, Jules, Mia and Marsellus

The Gimp: Butch, Zed, The Gimp and Marsellus

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  1. Huh, I guess these suffered from coming out before the mini-figure trend really took off.