Vanilla Ice (THQ)

Vanilla Ice

Looking for the best toy in the world...Ever?  Then look no further than THQ's 1991 line of dolls based on the amazing, Vanilla Ice!  Awe yeah, yup, yup, and to the extreme even!

Now you can have hours of interactive fun shouting, "Go ninja, go ninja, go," with all three twelve inch dolls.  Each doll is outfitted in meticulously crafted garb to resemble Vanilla Ice in his gold, silver and grey outfits of the era, also known as the Ice Ice Baby, Vanilla Jag and Vanilla Ice looks.  Accessories include a realistic looking microphone to help you bring the noise.

Don't forget to sign up for the fan club with the included membership card inside the box.  Then write your friends on the included post card to tell them just how jealous they should be!  Play that funky music white boy, indeed!

While we wish you all a happy April Fool's Day, sadly the joke is on the world as these dolls really do exist.

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