Highlander The Animated Series (Prime Time)

Highlander The Animated Series
Prime Time

For a story based on the premise that, "There can be only one," there sure were a lot of movies and television series based on Highlander.  To be honest, with everything that's come to be the Highlander Universe, the only thing we personally think is worth watching is the original movie, and nothing more.  Everything beyond that seemed to just get progressively worse and worse - Much like the sequels to the original The Crow film.

The animated series revolves around the plot of a post apocalyptic Earth where the remaining immortals cast away their task of "The Game," which would leave them all fighting each other until only one remains to claim, "The Prize".  However, one immortal, Kortan, refuses to give up "The Game," and continues his quest to destroy all the remaining immortals.

The series ran for forty episodes which encompassed two seasons.  Despite being a cartoon aired during the day, it was considered by many to be for a more mature audience due to the mass amounts of violence, and occasional beheadings of minor characters.

In 1996, Prime Time supported the animated series with a small series of toys.  It would be the only line of action figures the company would produce to date.

Arak - Chief of the Hunters*Hunter - Moganda's Brutal Warrior*Kortan - Evil Ruler of Moganda

Malone - The "Human" Key*Quentin - The Highlander*Ramirez - Quentin's Noble Mentor

Hunter's Powercycle
Quentin's Gavor

These days, Prime Time mainly focuses their production on toy guns and water based toys.

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