Inspector Gadget (Tiger)

Inspector Gadget
1992 - 1994

Before Disney got its hands on it, Inspector Gadget was an awesome cartoon character who was voiced by the incredibly funny, Mr. Don Adams (Get Smart). The original series which ran for two seasons encompassed eighty-six episodes, making it the first syndicated show for DIC Entertainment.

Despite his numerous gadgets which leave him well equipped for just about anything, Gadget's incompetence often times sees him foiling the plans of M.A.D. lead by the evil Dr. Claw by mistake. This is all helped by his niece Penny who often times will catch on to the true nature of the case while her dog Brain gets chased by Gadget who mistakes him in disguise as a M.A.D. agent.

***FUN FACT***

The original pilot episode of Inspector Gadget had the character with a big brown bushy mustache. This was removed by the time the first episode hit the air.

Despite running from 1983 to 1986, not too many toys, if any, were produced based on the character until 1992 when Tiger, the company more so known for handheld video games, decided to try their hand at the series.

The majority of the figures released were variations of the inspector himself. This was probably because their really isn't all that elaborate a cast in the series. With the exception of the Chief, all the key players were present.

***FUN FACT***

During the entire run of the cartoon series, you never saw the face of Dr. Claw. It wouldn't be until the figure was produced that fans would finally see what he looked like.

While the figure of Dr. Claw with the "mystery" cardboard over his face is more appealing to fans, the ones produced without the obstruction are far more scarce.

Dr. Claw (Mystery Packaging)*Dr. Claw*Inspector Gadget (Go Go Gadget Expanding Arms)

Inspector Gadget (Go Go Gadget Expanding Legs)*Inspector Gadget (Go Go Gadget Snap Open Hat)*Inspector Gadget (Go Go Gadget Fumble Gadgets)

Inspector Gadget (Go Go Gadget Telescoping Neck)*Inspector Gadget (Go Go Gadget Water Pistol)

Inspector Gadget (Go Go Gadget Copter)*Inspector Gadget (Motorized Action)

M.A.D. Agent*Penny and Brain

Gadget Mobile

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  1. What do you know of the prototypes of the toy line? I have a ton of inspector Gadget stuff, from the Galoob-Bandai stuff like the doll and the smaller vehicles but some years ago I came across a prototype Gadget tank figure with a tent for the Tiger line. Never seen pictures of it on the Internet.. Rumor has that there was a mad mobile for tiger too?

    1. Unfortunately we don't know anything about the prototypes and unreleased items.

    2. It was not a prototype. It was a figure made only for the european market. I have it. I can send you pictures if you want.