Masters of the Universe Day 2023 - Part II


Welcome back to Masters of the Universe Day here at The Toy Box!

This next figure I've been holding onto for even longer than the movie figures showcased in my first post. I was hoping that further figures in the 40th anniversary would follow, but sadly that never came to be - Unless of course you paid out the nose for the SDCC exclusive two-pack.

I actually pre-ordered two of the 40th anniversary He-Mans, and when they arrived my plan was to put them in a case, one sealed, and one opened, with my Alan Oppenheimer signed complete DVD collection of the original series. Unfortunately, Mr. Oppenheimer ended up cancelling his appearance at Retro Con 2022, making me have to rethink what I was going to do. Ultimately, I decided I no longer needed both, and sent one to Alexis with my annual box o' stuff.

I also wanted a Battlecat for my He-Man, but didn't want to pay retail for the Origins version that was out. Patience paid off, and Entertainment Earth recently had a massive sale on them. Long story short, I was able to get two for the price of one, and sent one off to Alexis with the figure.

This is a solid figure, and I love the nod to the vintage accessories. The sculpt on the power sword is immaculate, down to the finest detail. Love it!

The inclusion of a holster for the sword was an appreciated detail.

With the exception of articulation, Battlecat hasn't evolved much from the original version. The joints were also very flimsy, and it often fell over as a result.

I clearly didn't take into consideration the size difference between the 40th anniversary He-Man figure versus the Origins ones. These scales are definitely off. Seeing this photo (below) just makes me wish all the more that Mattel made a 40th anniversary Battlecat.

Oh well...It's good enough (for now).

I've got one final post coming in the mid-evening, so check back for my final entry in celebration of Masters of the Universe Day!

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