The Official Nintendo Player's Guide


The Official Nintendo Player's Guide

Back in 1987, Nintendo was the console of choice over the Sega Master System. By the end of that same year, Nintendo had released, directly or via third-party, close to one hundred titles. But with so many choices, there were bound to be some duds mixed in with the gems. So how does one know what exactly they should purchase?

Not to worry. Nintendo had you covered with The Official Nintendo Player's Guide.

Featuring over one hundred fifty pages, this tome was chock full of tiles, showcasing tips, tricks and a general guide of available titles, this book was a prolific part of any gamer's collection. It was such a large part of the world of Nintendo, that it even became a pack in with consoles, taking the place of the originally included Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt cartridge for a time.

Today, I thought I would do something a bit unusual, and include a look at the 1987 guide in its entirety. Each slide is showcased in a 24 X 36 size, allowing for you to zoom in and take in each and every screenshot, and blurb of text. Enjoy!

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  1. This guide was on my want list big time back in the 80's! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Replies
    1. I actually have all but one of the games shown in the tips and tricks section. I suppose that's not a major milestone for most NES collectors, who probably have them all (and more).

  3. I got this years ago -- more recent than when it came out, to be sure -- after finding out what kinds of stuff these books I'd seen advertised but never purchased had held.

    Some of the old lore is great. My personal favorite (that seems to have since been retconned) was Doc Louis being an alcoholic until he saw Little Mac fighting some street toughs, and he swore off the bottle in order to train the kid into a champion.