Burger King And Uber Team Up To Rip You Off!


Burger King and Uber have teamed up to bring you prices on Whoppers not seen since the 90's! For a limited time, you can get a Whopper for just 99 cents!...plus taxes and fees.

There's just one catch. It's a rip off. If you were to go to Burger King and get a Whopper for 99 cents, you'd pay about six cents in taxes here in Virginia, so a total of $1.05. That would be an incredible deal, considering a Whopper normally costs $4.19 for just the sandwich.

However, if you want to get a single Whopper off of Uber, you're going to pay $8.76 (at least if it were coming to my house). Mind you, that's with their 99 cent deal. After all the fees, you're paying over double for the price of one sandwich.

What makes this "deal" all the more annoying is that as you buy more, your service fee goes up. I'd have to buy four Whoppers before seeing any form of savings. Even then, at a regular price of $17.76 ($4.19 + 6% tax), my savings is only $1.82!

Wow! What a great deal! Sign me up for 99 cent Whoppers! Sarcasm...

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