Hello Toy Box readers!

Over the course of March 2018 I will be moving from my current living arrangement to a new one. As such, while you will continue to see the regularly scheduled Monday posts throughout the month other content may be limited - Such as my recent kick of taking photos of my loose stuff.

Please bear with me during what I anticipate will be a very busy transition in my life. I'll share photos of my new toy room once I'm settled and set up. I'm also planning on hitting the Timonium show on March 18th, so there will definitely be something to show from that - Even if it's just more CD's!

Until then, thanks for continuing to visit the site.


  1. Best of luck. Thanks for reminding me about Timonium. Haven't been there yet.

    1. I think Brian is planning on being there too. You should come out.

    2. There you have it. Straight from the man himself.

  2. Hope all goes well. I hate moving. I never completed a move without something I care bout being totally destroyed!

  3. Being ever paranoid about my collection, I made it a point to pack every single figure individually in its own baggie and then pad it in a box. I'm also moving these items myself - Even though I hired movers for everything else.