Masters of the Universe Day 2017!

Here we are again. Masters of the Universe Day is upon us. Good ol' April 28th! Today we (like many other Bloggers) are celebrating the day by posting about....Well, Masters of the Universe of course.

Fans of He-Man will want to visit The Toy Box periodically today because we're going to be posting a few MOTU related topics today. One in the morning (this one), one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.

We'll start the day off with a look at Masters of the Universe Golden Coloring and Activity Books.

Chances are pretty high that if you were a kid in the 80's that you had a Golden Books book. They pretty much covered every license you can think of, and produced just about any kind of activity book a kid would have to have - Stickers, coloring, drawing, educational, etc.

Masters of the Universe is no exception to this rule. Starting in 1982 GB produced all sorts of varieties of the aforementioned book types - To and include ones on She-Ra (which we won't be looking at today). With so many to chose from, the hardest choice would be deciding which one you wanted.

Even today we enjoy cracking open a coloring book, and spreading our color pencils across the floor as we color to our heart's content during a movie or two. There's just something to be said about entertaining oneself in a relatively easy way that is both relaxing and enjoyable - Sure, even a little nostalgic. Besides, who doesn't like to color? We've all been doing it since the first day we picked up a crayon.

Admittedly we don't know if this is all of the books that were every produced by Golden Books for He-Man. Regardless, these are certainly enough to keep you busy while you continue the hunt for them.

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  1. Throw away all my geek cred now!Didn't even know about a MOTU day lol.I'm happy to know It's a thing,though :)Wait a minute,Is there a G.I. Joe day?If not ,we need one.

    1. February 1 - G.I. Joe Day
      April 26 - Alien Day
      April 29 - Masters of the Universe Day
      May 4 - Star Wars Day
      June 12 - Superman Day
      August 1 - Spider-Man Day
      September 17 - Batman Day

      Pretty much any iconic character or theme has a day to celebrate. The list above is just the tip of the iceberg.

  2. So AWESOME! I am a huge fan of MOTU. Been that way since I was 4 years old. Some of my fave figures were Leech and Dragon Blaster Skeletor!

    1. Great figures! Make sure you check back this evening if you're a fan of the action figures. ***Hint Hint***