Iggy Pop (NECA)

Iggy Pop

Admittedly we don't know much about Iggy Pop - Well, beyond his appearance in the awful sequel, The Crow: City of Angels. We do know that he's been around forever, and has been one of the most influential individuals in the punk scene. We also know that he has a fair amount of albums - Which we've heard a total of zero times.

So why would we choose to talk about Iggy Pop, a man we know absolutely nothing about? Toys, of course!

In 2011 NECA produced Iggy (along with other iconic musicians) in plastic form. Even if you don't like or know his music, there's one thing for certain - You could pick him out of a lineup. He's so iconic in the world of music that despite not knowing his music he's got name recognition. In other words, place this figure on your shelf, and most people would still be able to point at it and say, "Hey, Iggy Pop!"

The sculpt is spot on, and despite lacking articulation, the figure is pretty awesome. The look of no shirt with long black pants goes as hand and hand with Iggy as Michael Jackson does with a sequin glove.

Finding one is relatively easy these days, and if you're patient you can even get one mint in the package for less than the original retail price.

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  1. What happened to the challenge post? I was getting ready to write it and poof! it's gone like Keyser Soze?

    1. I stopped by Brother Midnight's page, and in conjunction with his "article" and the comments left pertaining to it led me to believe that interest in Round Robin (weekly challenges) had fizzled out, so I took it down.

      Seems like only two or three people want to participate on a regular basis - and I'm guilty of not being dedicated myself. Truth be told, when I originally wrote my post that landed me hosting duties I initially wanted to decline.

      I think you should still post yours if you have it. Unfortunately mine has gone to digital deletion heaven.

  2. well, I will post it with or without the round robin challenge attached to it. if interest has waned, that's a shame, I was enjoying seeing everyone's take on the weeklies. but it's not a round robin if one person is doing it.

    1. Yeah, I agree. If only two or three people are going to participate, then it's not much of a group thing. Like I said, I'm guilty of not participating much. Many of the topics either didn't interest me, or fit in what I like to write about.

      You should definitely put your post up regardless of whether or not it is part of the Round Robin aspect. Either way, I will stop by to read it.

  3. Ironically, it ties in with your post about Rogue One DVDs, and my experience

    1. Just read it, and left a comment.

      PS - If it was the DVD acting funny, I actually would have bought it from you as a "novelty" of sorts.