Pirates of the 7 Seas (JusToys)

Pirates of the 7 Seas

While compiling all of our information for the Star Wars Bend-Ems line from JusToys, we noticed that the company has produced several other lines. This included the fantastic Pirates of the 7 Seas series which we'll take a look at today.

This very confined series had just five bendable figures, all of which were unique, colorful and a whole lot of fun. Even the packages for each figure were individually designed to showcase fantastic artwork based on the character.

Captain Roger Malestrom*Hannibal "Blackheart" Bane*Jewel-Eye Jack

Not too many people collected these figures back when they were first released in 1992, and it appears that these days not too many people are looking for them on secondary markets either. Though they've been priced to sell from as low as $1.99 each (mint on card), many people pass on them - However, a good reason for this may be that many people just don't know they exist.
Roberto Alvarez*Samson Finn

We'll definitely be revisiting JusToys in the future. As we said above, they have many series that they produced in the Bend-Ems fashion. These range from comic book characters, to wrestlers, movies and more. If you know little to nothing about this company, check them out. You may just stumble across something that interests you.

Join us next time when we take a look at Battletoads!

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  1. Bend Em toys can be really fun sometimes like Arco's The Other World line.