Toy Bloggers United - Contest Number Two Announcement!

Let's just get this out of the way first - This post is NOT the actual contest.

With the great success of the first contest, we thought we'd give it another go. The second contest is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 4, 2015 at 12:01 AM EST, and will run through Sunday May 10, 2015 at 11:59 PM EST.

For those of you new to the contest we held, the concept is a simple one. If you read a specific blog site that is advertising the current TBU (Toy Bloggers United) contest, you need only follow the link to the specific site that is hosting it, and enter your pseudonym or actual name in the comment section for a chance to win a mystery prize pack.

Each blogger participating will provide (at a minimum) one (1) mystery item for each contest. When the results are finalized, the winner who claims the package will get the whole shebang of all contributors! It could be one item, it could be a hundred.

Contest number two is being hosted by our good pal, Jon of The Harvey Mercheum! Though we will continue to post updates regarding the contest, to enter you'll need to visit his site when the contest goes live.

The purpose of this post is a call out for contributions to the contest. If you're interested in donating a prize, please contact Jon at , and let him know you're interested. You will then be provided with the mailing address for where to send your contributing prize so that it can be bundled together as one package for the winner.

Contributors are welcome to contribute from abroad, but must ensure their item can be received prior to the start date of the contest. All contributors will be responsible for their own shipping charges.

More details will be provided to all contributors via e-mail upon initiating their interest. Again, e-mail all interest to Please make the subject line - "TBU Contest Contribution" so that it can be referenced quickly and easily.

Contributors for this contest include;


  1. Cool! The last one went very well with only the hiccup of the whole Canada thing which was quickly fixed and all were happy!...this one should go even more smoothly.

    1. Indeed. This should be a well oiled machine now.