S.L.U.G. Zombies - Scary Little Ugly Guys (Jakks Pacific)

S.L.U.G. Zombies - Scary Little Ugly Guys
Jakks Pacific

In 2012, Jakks Pacific (JP) took a page from successful mini figures lines such as M.U.S.C.L.E.S. and Garbage Pail Kids Cheap Toys and developed/released S.L.U.G. also known as Scary Little Ugly Guys. The initial plan was to release upwards of one hundred figures for the initial series, and then expand into categories of monsters and aliens. Sadly this never came to fruition as JP ended up cancelling the line later that same year after producing just seventy-four of the intended figures in addition to eight holiday themed bonus figures.

What annoyed many collectors was the vast amount of exclusives that came packed in with the three and twelve packs. This meant that you would end up with numerous duplicates just to get a full set by purchasing the packs. JP tried to sell the series as a tradable figure set among collectors, but when you get massive duplicate figures from buying the various sets, what's left to trade? People already have them except the exclusive ones they're hunting.

SERIES 1 (Top Row)
The Corroding Kid*Rigormortis Lourdes*Mighty-Bite Mac
Neil Armsgone*Brain Eatin' Brandon*Office RIP
Grave Lincoln*Jon B. Gone*Headless Halpert
King Guts*Decayin' Dom*Piece Mail Pete
SERIES 2 (Bottom Row)
Andrew Agony*Grim Trekker*Captain Payback
Mr. Jangles*Cleopatra Commin'Atcha*Blazin' Basel
Macho Mangler*Flesh Eatin' Phil*Buck Wilde
Stu B' You*Mash-Up Mike*Gator Jones

SERIES 3 (Top Row)
Basehit Bones*Jeet Kune Dead*Woody the Wrecker
Extra Crispy*Zero Hero*Riled-Up Riley
Trashcan Sam*Decrepit Katie*Johnny Two-Guns
Tragic Magic*The Deadlifter*Double-Barrel Carol
SERIES 4 (Bottom Row)
The Brain-Eatin' Barbarian*Moldy Moxie*Play-It-Safe Sammy
Jamaica Me Sick*Dismembered Dennis*Sawblade Sampson
Gangrene Gene*Ferocious Frankie*Johnson
Buckskin Bill*English Dead Guard*Gruesome Gabe
Prior to the series being cancelled, JP produced eight all new holiday based figures which had originally not been announced. Two of each new figure was packed into a three pack with one prior released figure.

Hungry Humbug*Nutty Nate*Captain Payback
Frozen Fright*Johnny Hammer-Stix
Ralph Reindead*Surprise Demise*Blazin' Basel
Santa Claws*Eli the Expired Elf*Gator Jones
In addition to the three packs, JP produced and released a twelve pack for series one through four. To force people to buy both the three packs and twelve packs, JP packed exclusive figures into each pack.

SERIES 1 (Left)
King Guts*Grave Lincoln*The Corroding Kid*Gunslinging Grimm*Erik the Dead*Decayin' Dom*Jon B. Gone*Brain Eatin' Brandon*Rigormortis Lourdes*Inspector Bones*Cap'n Jack Scurvy
SERIES 2 (Right)
Mash-Up Mike*Stu B' You*Cleopatra Commin'Atcha*Jump-Shot Rot*Maximus Cadaverous*Captain Payback*Gator Jones*Andrew Agony*Dr. Outbreak*Macho Mangler*Teddy Terror*Grim Trekker

SERIES 3 (Top Row)
Extra Crispy*The Deadlifter*Basehit Bones*Singer Mortis*Double-Barrel Carol*Jeet Kune Dead*Johnny Two-Guns*Squeamy Shashimi*Louie Fingers*The Towering Terror*Tragic Magic*Zero Hero
SERIES 4 (Bottom Row)
Gruesome Gabe*Leo the Lifeless*English Dead Guard*Jamaica Me Sick*Dismembered Dennis*Decomposing Dan*Sawblade Sampson*Deranged Denise*The Brain-Eatin' Barbarian*2-Scoops-Too-Late Steve*Buckskin Bill*Moldy Moxie
We'll never understand why JP produced the blind boxes that they released. When one could purchase the entire series by simply buying the packages above, it seems a waste of money to buy the figures blindly.

When the series was being planned out, JP produced a wonderful poster showcasing all the figures they intended to release. The poster is a fantastic addition to any collector's collection, and one of the only ways to see the figures that never made it to store shelves. Though all the figures are known to exist in plastic form, they are in extremely low quantities, and incredibly rare. 

In addition to the figures, JP also planned on releasing carry cases starting with series two. An initial case was announced that would contain two exclusive glow in the dark figures, but was never produced. It is assumed that the four figures on the poster above showcasing a glow in the dark essence would have been the figures released in the planned cases.

Join us next time when we take a look at Bronze Bombers!

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  1. This is definitely one of my favorite minifigure lines ever! Each figure was so fun and creative and it really bummed me out when the line failed to take off and died a quick death. These things should have been selling like hot cakes with everyone so into zombies right now!

    I have everything from series 2 and up but only random figures from the first series thanks to the blind bagged coffins. My Books a Million has put a few of those out every Halloween for the past two years and I've proceeded to buy all of them up.

    1. We actually knew a lot of people who collected these that were constantly disappointed by the lack of store support for them - Most retailers just didn't bother ordering them. It probably contributed a lot to why the line failed. You can't very well buy it if the stores aren't going to stock it.

  2. The blind-box coffins were a point-of-purchase impulse toy meant as an introduction to the line or just something to shut up your whiny kid. They are not intended for people already won over by or even familiar with the toyline.

  3. Target had these on clearance pretty quickly when they were out, I was picking up 3 packs for a little over a dollar and the 12 packs for just over $2, it was a great way for me to add them to my collection, but it signaled the death of the line unfortunately.

    1. Yeah, it's never a good sign when a line goes on clearance - Especially so close after its initial release.

  4. Loved these. Really bummed Series 5 and 6 never made it to market because there were some awesome figures planned.

    1. There was so much potential for this line, but somehow JP missed the mark which was a real shame.