Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series 11 (Playmates Toys)

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series 11
Playmates Toys

Playmates Toys asks, "How deep are your pockets?"

You just picked up the Mutations line. You grabbed the four new Mystic Turtles, and you swept up the remaining older figures in the new packages. Whew, it's been an expensive January. Well, back to the store you go! As of March 2015 these have hit U.S. shores, and prior to that were being found in Australia and the U.K.

Hot on the heels of their last release, Playmates Toys drops the new Stockman-Fly, Mikey Turflyle and Karai Serpent on you



Reader Mattster points us to a variant of Stockman-Fly. There's a light blue and a dark blue pants version.

These here - These we like! In light of what we've been seeing as of late, it was refreshing to get some pretty solid figures for the line. We really hope Playmates takes a page from this bunch and keeps this sort of quality going. Granted the paint jobs are off from the prototype vs. package versions, but we all pretty much expect that at this point.

Mikey Turflytle

Truthfully, we would have rather had a regular Karai figure as opposed to the serpent version. The serpent version is great - It's just not the version we personally were hoping for.

Karai Serpent

In addition to the above, we've also spotted Head Droppin' Leonardo and Head Droppin' Donatello in stores - Though no sign of the Michelangelo and Raphael versions. We'll compile a post on those once we've obtained all four.

Also, be on the look out for a couple of re-released figures in the new 2015 packaging which are hitting store shelves with this batch;

April O'Neil
Cockroach Terminator
Mutagen Man
Ninjas in Training - Leonardo and Donatello

We'll keep you posted as we find more.

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  1. Paint apps on all of them are disappointing. I mean come on, how hard is it to paint the whole figure? Especially on Karai. Stockman looks like he was dipped in poop and they called it paint. Is there an actual release date on these yet? As much as I wanted these I might have to pass them up or hope for a variant paint.

    1. We're so accustomed to the paint jobs not being represented in the actual released figures from that as seen on the prototypes. We guess we've just learned to not expect much from Playmates Toys.

      They are hitting store shelves now.

    2. Karai actually looks a lot better than I thought, theres another blog that took pictures of the figure out of the package and you can see all the detail they put into her scales and face, which might make up for the lack of paint on her arms. I still havent seen them in stores yet, cant wait!

    3. Some Australia and UK folks have gotten them. They don't appear to be available in the US just yet.

  2. Any word on When or where you can get these?

    1. Just saw these today at two of my local Toys R' Us stores.

  3. Been unable to find karai serpent or head droppin raph or Mikey. And ideas why? In the Tampa area...

    1. For whatever reason, these three figures have been delayed by Playmates Toys with no official release date provided. It is anticipated that they will start to show up between May and June.