Centurions - Power Xtreme (Kenner)

Centurions - Power Xtreme

We knew about the Centurions as kids, even watched a couple cartoons here and there. However, we weren't necessarily fans. As such, Centurions is one of the few 80's cartoons that we really can't speak about in detail because what we would say would basically be a regurgitation of what we read online.

What we do know is the basics - The show ran for sixty-five episodes over two seasons, an was produced by Ruby-Spears.

Kenner had wrapped up production of their highly popular Star Wars line in 1985, and was looking for the next big thing. Sadly, while Centurion figures were cool, they weren't the answer.

Each figure stood approximately ten inches high, and featured multiple holes on the front and back to "plug in" the various accessories that came packed in. Best of all, you could mix and match the accessories from other figures to create your own unique character set up.

Jake Rockwell*Ace McCloud
Max Ray
Dr. Terror*Hacker

We won't call the below items vehicles, but rather larger accessories. Mainly because the majority of them were used by attaching them to the figures via the above mentioned holes. Regardless of whether or not you consider them vehicles or accessories, there is one thing for sure - Kenner produced a ton of them.

Depth Charger
Tidal Blast*Orbital Interceptor
Wild Weasel*Sea Bat

Centurions Power Pack

Join us next time when we take a look at Jurassic Park!

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