Spider-Man Comics Reorganized

Sometimes it's not about collecting, but rather upgrading the way your collection is stored or displayed. I'm so happy to have transferred all my Spider-Man comics to Mylar bags, and upgraded from those cardboard short boxes to these more durable BCW comic bins.

Just seeing them all lined up makes you want to come in for a closer look. They present themselves like something special, and they are!

It took four boxes to house my collection of The Amazing Spider-Man. Though I only own thirty issues between one and 74 of the run, I have a consecutive run from issues 75 through 441 (which is the last issue, as far as I'm concerned). Though I'm still able to afford an issue here and there in the lower numbers, it's getting to the point that they're out of my price range. I never expected to ever own a complete run, that's simply not feasible. Thank goodness for reprints and Masterworks collections.

Two more bins house my Marvel Team-Up books. This collection is complete from 1 through 150, and Annuals, as well as the short lived volume two, and three.

As I made each box, it was important to me to capture an image of Spider-Man from that era, more specifically, the artist most notable for the run. I also made sure to utilize all those transitioning title logos from the passing decades. This helps make each box unique from the outside, and overall more interesting. I'm half tempted to start finding me some Spider-Man stickers to plaster around the boxes, but I don't know. I'm torn between wanting to go over the top or keeping it classy (like they are now).

I'm weird when it comes to The Spectacular Spider-Man series. I keep Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man, with its Annuals, separate from when the series shortened the title to just The Spectacular Spider-Man. Though the numbers continue from each other, they just feel like two different series.

While I could fit the entire run of Web of Spider-Man in one box, I had to move the Annuals for this series, as well as The Spectacular Spider-Man to their own shared box. It was just too tight to fit them in behind their respective series, but it did help with having a nice symmetrical two layer row of bins. It also gave me the opportunity to use that classic Web of Spider-Man logo which came about midway through the series.

I have a box strictly for my McFarlane Spider-Man issue 1's, and I intend to fill it (it's almost there). The remainder of the series, including when the title changed to Peter Parker, Spider-Man, fit in a separate box, along with the few Annuals.

The last four boxes are reserved for my miscellaneous Spider-Man titles, which consists of micro series, mini-series, and one-shots. My favorite is probably the complete run of Spider-Man 2099, which are all signed by artist / creator, Rick Leonardi, from the first to the very last issue, along with all variant covers, and the single Annual.

At this point in my collector's journey, I've really switched from obtaining more to focusing instead on the best way to store, display, and preserve what I have. This is where I get my joy from the things I've amassed over the years. I spent the time obtaining. Now it's time to enjoy. This upgrade makes me happy.

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