Retro Spins: Aqua - Aquarium

You know what? I like Aqua, and I'm not ashamed to admit that one bit. Their sound is bubble gummy and fun. It's got a great dance beat, and doesn't take itself too serious. Their album Aquarium was a refreshing surprise in the midst of the 1990's.

I was introduced to the Danish-Norwegian band when a friend of mine brought the CD along for one of the many car rides we took to nowhere in particular. Several trips and plays later, and I was hooked. When I got my own copy, I played it back to back repeatedly. Three very long years later, Aqua finally released a follow up album, Aquarius and while I didn't necessarily like it as much as Aquarium, it was a decent record. It would be eleven more years before the band's third, and what appears to be final album came out.

For as much as I enjoyed everything Aqua back in the day, it's probably been about ten years since I've heard their music. Today's Retro Spin felt like a good opportunity to reunite with the band and have a play.

Everything stands up to what I remember. Out of the eleven tracks, the same three, which were my least favorites, remain as such. Those are, Good Morning Sunshine, Be A Man and Turn Back Time. Mind you, these aren't bad tracks, they're just not as good as the remaining ones, which are far more up tempo and peppy.

My all time favorites from the album remain Happy Boys And Girls, Dr. Jones, Lollipop (Candyman), Roses Are Red and Calling You. Meanwhile, My Oh My, Barbie Girl and Heat Of The Night round out the album to a very near perfection.

Playing this album after so many years was a treat in multiple ways. The music is still really fun to listen to, and it also took me back in my mind to days long forgotten with friends from the past  I don't unfortunately see anymore these days.

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