Retro Spins: The Time - Pandemonium

The majority of my exposure to The Time is via Prince's Purple Rain and Graffiti Bridge. While I'm sure in 2023 I wrote a post about an 80's The Time album, the truth of the matter is I wrote all the 2024 posts before any of those. This makes Panedmonium the first album from The Time I've actually heard.

Panemonium starts out on a really strong note, and I found myself really enjoying the album title track of the same name, Jerk Out and Blondie. However, that's were things really stopped for me. As the album kept going, I was expecting to hear something as good as what these first few tracks offered, but it never came. I even went back when the album was done and played sections of the aforementioned songs to make sure I did actually enjoy them just to be sure. I did.

So, what happened? Why did the tracks suddenly drop off for me?

I think part of it was that the remaining songs turned more serious in tone from that of the ones I mentioned before. That niche comedy styling that The Time has become known for just wasn't there for these remaining tracks.

Additionally, I think the album suffers from the same issue a lot of albums from the 90's do - It's too long. At one hour five minutes, that's just too much material for any record. Some of the best albums I've ever heard have been around the thirty-five to forty minute mark. I think this "forces" musicians to pack in only the strongest of their tracks, while leaving the filler out.

I'm pretty disappointed that Pandimonium set the bar so high when it first started, but then continued to lower and lower and lower and lower the bar until it was dragging on the ground. I really had high hopes based on my first impression.

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