Retro Spins: Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch - Music For The People

I have a guilty pleasure in songs from this album. Specifically, Music For The People, Good Vibrations and Wildside. I've liked these tracks ever since the 90's, when I heard my brother pumping them through his speakers. However, I never actually got around to hearing the whole album. With Retro Spins visiting the 90's this year, I thought, why not.

This CD came into my possession during one of my many Timonium visits to see, CD Guy. As I've said in the past, that's actually not his name. I didn't actually expect to come across this album, nor was I actively looking for it. However, when I did, I nabbed it up quicker than quick and added it to my pile.

After hearing Music For The People, the album, again after all these years, I can fully understand why my brother only played the first three tracks mentioned above. It's not very good. In fact, I'm not even a fan of Wildside anymore after hearing it again. It has not aged well, and its message, while deep in 1991, is a little corny now.

Music For The People and Good Vibrations? Well, that's another story. Those two tracks are still pretty solid. Dope if you will. With that said, I won't be rushing to hear them again any time soon.

I can also understand why Mark Wahlberg has distanced himself from his Marky Mark persona and music. If this album was hot in the 90's, it hasn't aged well over time.

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