The Super Mario Bros. Movie (Jakks Pacific)


The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Jakks Pacific

It's been such a long time since I've posted something about a toy line that I almost forgot my own format. Sheesh....

While out perusing my local Walmart this afternoon, I came across wave one, well, part of wave one, for the new figures based on the upcoming The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Contrary to what the photo above shows, I had to dig, and I mean, dig, for the two Luigi figures they had. They were not in the same area as all these Mario and Peach figures, and there was no Toad or Bowser to be found. That wasn't a bad thing, per se. With the immediate inclining that I needed these figures for my Nintendo shelf, the the thought of spending $100.00 wasn't appealing.

Truthfully, I could have been just as happy with Mario, and calling it a day. However, when I found Luigi, I felt he too needed to come home with me. As for Peach, I feel like she's going to be a peg warmer for a long time to come, and opportunities will arise to grab her in the future if I absolutely have to.

My first impression, well, with exception of how cool and spot on these looked, was that the boxes were far too big than what they needed to be. They could have easily been chopped in half. My second thought was that with the lack of accessories, they were also priced at a higher premium than they should have been. At $20.00 a piece, there is definitely a bit of justification needed for why so much for so little.

Again though, the figures themselves are spot on, and really hit that nostalgic note for me. These are the Nintendo figures I needed growing up. I would definitely consider getting the rest in the line if I came across them in the wild, but I am by no means going to go out of my way for them, nor pay an up charge on secondary markets. Of course, that would also depend on the space being available to display them.

What the figures lack in accessories, they definitely make up for in paint, detail, and sculpting. The details are down to the most minute, even including little gold buttons on the pants pockets. You don't even get that level of attention in most higher class figures, such as G.I. Joe Classified and Star Wars The Black Series. With that said, the inclusion of mushrooms, fire plants, etc., would have been a definite incentive to purchase more from the line.

They're also fairly gurthy figures, with a bit of weight to them. There's a lot of plastic in these things, and they feel solid from top to bottom. Inspecting them closer, it's a shame the hats aren't removable. While I get the plunger accessory, I'm admittedly scratching my head at the flashlight that came with Luigi.

But, again, the details are there, regardless of what angle you look at them from.

For now, the two top my NES collection, which was the intended purpose. As you can see from the photo, this is where the space limitations come into play. I'm not looking to crowd the shelf with figures. They're a centerpiece, not the focal point.

For now, there are five figures in the series, and I suspect others will come. I don't believe for a second we won't get the likes of Donkey Kong, Yoshi, various villains, and a multitude of Mario variants. Jakks would be leaving money on the table not to go overboard.

These are definitely figures I'm intrigued by, but between price and space, I don't know that this is a line I can fully invest in. But, if there were one I was going to, this would definitely be a contender.

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  1. My favorite creepy thing about these figures is how they're always watching you, no matter what direction you look at them from.

    Oh, and the flashlight will probably be explained in the movie.

    1. YES!!! I saw that the other day, and told my girl about it. I thought it was just me!