Retro Spins: Roxette - Look Sharp

By 1988, the decade's music had evolved past New Wave, and people really weren't experimenting all that much. Artists were playing it safe, not straying far from their comfort zones. For me, I had no hopes, or really any desires, to hear anything new. Then Roxette hit the scene.

No, their 1988 entry wasn't their first album. That honor goes to their 1986 album, Pearls Of Passion - An album I still have not heard to this day. However, Look Sharp is the one which launched them into the limelight.

The energy level is high with the intro guitar to The Look let's you know you're about to be strapped in for high octane rock. It led the way for the duo's success, hitting the charts at number fifty and fired it's way all the way to the number one spot in less than two months. Dressed For Success soon entered the charts, and while it's a great track, sputtered out at number fourteen.

Then came Listen To Your Heart, a lovely ballad led by Marie Fredriksson, rest in peace. This would become the band's second number one hit, but not its last chart topper. Dangerous carried the band into the early 90's, staying at number two for two consecutive weeks before dropping back down and off the charts.

This success led to their third number one hit, It Must Have Been Love. However, this song was never featured on any of the band's studio album. Instead, it was reserved for the soundtrack, Pretty Woman. At this point, Roxette was also hard at work touring and writing material for their 1991 follow up, Joyride.

However, let's take a step back for now and actually fire up Look Sharp. Admittedly, it's been years since I've heard it from start to finish. Regardless, it remains familiar, like an old friend who's stopped by to see you for the first time in 30+ years, yet you pick up right where you left off.

My opinion of the album may be a bit bias, as I find little fault in it. Of the thirteen tracks, I note but a handful to be skip worthy. It's because of this, it would be a shorter list for me to tell you what those particular tracks are; Cry, Half A Woman - Half A Shadow and (I Could Never) Give You Up.

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