Cyberfrog: Rekt Planet Arrives


My All Caps Comics box arrived my old address (despite me sending correspondence to have it updated). Fortunately, the current resident was kind enough to reach out.

So many bonuses in the box.

But of course the meat of the box was the comic itself. The icing on the top is that Ethan Van Sciver autographed the book on the inside, much like the prior book, Blood Honey.

Sadly, I didn't get the additional trading card that was supposedly supposed to come in each box. I guess it's not big loss.

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  1. Kickstarter campaign? Looks like a fun set. Cyber Frog looks amazing.

  2. Interesting 🤔 Very cool! I wanted to send for something like this but it was an 80s themed Kickstarter. I ended up forgetting what the name of it was and ultimately forgot all about it.

    1. I forgot about this one too, but after pledging.