Retro Spins: Toto - Isolation

When I fired up Toto IV a few years back, I was blown away by not only the great songs I knew were on the album, but by the one's I had forgotten about. This resulted in me going on a little Toto buying spree, swooping up their debut album, Isolation, Fahrenheit and The Seventh One.

Today felt perfect to come back around to their records to finally fire up one of those newly acquired ones. As I scanned the track listings, I had to pause with Isolation and read them again. I didn't recognize any of these songs, and it was quite honestly baffling to me how I ended up with this one.

A bit of researching my ebay history turned up the answer to that mystery. Turns out, when I bought Isolation, it came with Farenheit. It either must have been cheaper to buy both together, or there weren't any other listings available for just Isolation. I'm not inclined to lean towards the latter. Regardless, I ended up with the album.

Forty-one minutes and fifty-six seconds later and the album had completed from start to finish.

Isolation wasn't the worst album I've ever listened to. However, Because I've also reached a point in my life where I'm not accumulating or keeping albums with songs I don't want on them, it was definitely on the cusp of being discarded.

The only thing that saved it from this fate was track six, Endless. This one seemingly came out of nowhere, and ended up being the best track on the album. It was catchy and funky sounding, all at the same time. I immediately added this to my shuffle list as well.

A quick search of the album's Wiki showed, Stranger In Town, was actually the only single from the record. After hearing Endless, I don't necessarily agree that this was the right choice, but I understand why it was chosen. It was the most familiar in sound to prior hits Africa and Rosanna. Beyond this exception, as a whole, Isolation doesn't sound at all like their prior album IV, which is what was inevitably it's biggest downfall.

Commercially, the album was a disastrous flop for the band. This was rivaled only by the impact of how poorly the supporting tour went. It was so bad, Toto ended up cancelling the European portion of their concerts and firing their booking agents.

Overall, I'm not disheartened to the band. I still want to make my way through the remainder of their albums in my collection. I'll get to that eventually.

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