Retro Spins: The Buggles - Adventures In Modern Recording

All was not well for The Buggles in 1981. Despite the success of Video Killed The Radio Star, the single from their prior debut album, The Age Of Plastic, the duo split up. This was mainly driven by Geoff Downes forming the band, Asia. On his own, Trevor Horne put in place a second Buggles band, and completed Adventure In Modern Recording.

The album is very much different in sound from that of The Age Of Plastic. It's very experimental for its time, fusing synthpop and jazz together in the small doses. It somewhat works, but is also appreciated that it's doesn't dominate the album. The album delivers on a solid and straight up pop sound for the most part.

Unfortunately, as I crossed the halfway point of the album, I still hadn't heard anything necessarily memorable. The album was listenable for its uniqueness, but not at all for its catchy lyrics or memorable riffs.

Things didn't get much better beyond that point, and I started to get a little bummed out with the album. For all the critical praise it's received, I honestly expected better. Looking back on it after hearing it, I can't help but think that praise was all garnered towards the overall sound, which would have been pretty unique to 1981.

Whatever it was, that wrapped up my listening session, and overall, I'm not too enthralled with Adventures In Modern Recording. That's disappointing.

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  1. They could do a new song..."Instagram Killed the Blogger Star"