New G.I. Joseph Pre-Orders Are Up


At this point, I have more G.I. Joe figures on pre-order in the past twelve months than I've actually received in that same period. Yet Hasbro keeps churning out the promise box with more and more figures allegedly coming.

Today Hasbro dropped six more pledges to the growing roster.

What's interesting in these drops is the packages. What happened to the plastic free packages that Hasbro was rolling out? Don't get me wrong, I prefer this design. It's just curious that they're in this style based on their own announcement that cardboard was the way of the future.

Apparently Dusty, Zarana and Crimson Guard are slated for March of 2023, while the new Target exclusive Bazook (Tiger Force), Recondo (Tiger Force), and Python Patrol Officer, have no ETA. Take that March date with a grain of salt.

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  1. Zarana and Crimson Guard look great. Dusty looks terrible. Would really like an original Recondo before we get to the Tiger Force stuff but you can't please everybody.

    1. I'm just tired of pre-ordering figures that never come.

  2. I'd get more excited about these posts if I actually had the chance to buy one of these figures at retail.

    1. It's difficult to get excited about this line because of all the non-stop issues they have with distribution. Announcements just lead to preorders which sit in limbo for months upon months.

      With each and every announcement of new figures, they don't provide any insight as to when anything will be shipping that we already have on order. I've had the Fortnite Snake Eyes figure on preorder from Pulse since January 30, 2021. It was supposed to release eight months ago.

      When I hear all the excuses, I just think back to the 2012 TMNT line from Playmates, which you could ALWAYS find on store shelves, even up to the final release of figures.

      Hasbro, as a company, just doesn't have their act together. People will eventually get tired of empty promises and repaints, and from there, Classified will fall into extinction.