New House Tour


February 15 was moving day, and since then, I've been slowly, but surely, unpacking the house. Though I still have a handful of boxes left to go, the loft area, or as I call it, my sky palace, is all set up, and boy oh boy, is it THE place to be!

Every good man cave needs a computer. This is my space to work from home, rip CD's, and work on The Toy Box. To the right is a selection of PC games stored in a three tier wooden holder. Most of them are classic Sierra adventure games.

To the left of my desk sits my mini shelf of Star Wars Burger King glasses, and plastic "coffee" cups. It also works well for holding my printer, which has seen a fair amount of comics come across it.

Directly behind the desk is my first shelf of 80's CD's, and my stereo.

My small homage to Freddie Mercury sits on top of this shelf, and the shelves themself house "A" through "K". It took me a long time to wise up to leaving space on each shelf for new acquisitions. Man, does it get tiring moving everything down for one or two new additions.

The stereo sits on top of it partnering stand, which houses my select collection of vinyls, cassettes, and a few box sets.

Moving down the wall to the right are my six cabinets of action figures. I've downsized considerably since moving, parting with all of my large G.I. Joe playsets, a ton of action figures, and all of my boxed NES games.

Cabinet number one houses the majority of my original Masters of the Universe figures, which finish off on the top shelf of cabinet number two. This second cabinet also houses my Remco Karate Kid, and my Batman figures from the Tim Burton films, as well as a select few DC Super Heroes.

Cabinet three contains my entire original Star Wars series from 1979 through 1985. I also have the new Retro Collection figures featured alongside them. Cabinet four and five are my G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero figures, which are complete from 1983 through 1987, and then very generous from there. I passed on the straight arm 1982 figures, and have no regrets.

The last cabinet contains my G.I. Joe Classified series, and on top of all the cabinets are a variety of other toys. Most of these are the select "big" items I kept during my purge.

Before continuing down the wall, turning around is my shelf of 1990's and beyond CD's.

I have way more of these than I thought, and had to have the builder who made these shelves make two more. I'll have these soon, and can properly store the soundtracks sitting along the top shelf. I'll probably move all my soundtracks to one of the new shelves when I get them, and keep the last as a back up for my ever growing 80's collection.

Heading back to the wall, my second and third shelf of 80's CD's reside. This is what you see immediately as you come up the stair.


Shelf number two contains "L" through "V". I also have my deluxe Prince albums, and select few Retro Marvel Legends figures, all based on Spider-Man.

The last 80's shelf houses "W" through "Z", plus my 80's soundtracks, comedy albums, and various artists compilation collections. The top shelf also showcases my incredibly rare New York Toy Fair Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures. These were given out to the press when Playmates Toys unveiled the line in 2012. Because each person was only given one random Turtle, finding all four can be challenging.

As you go around the corner, you run into my shelf of 70's and before albums.

Of all the eras, this is the one I have the least of, and quite frankly, much like my 90's CD's, I'm probably going to be downsizing these in the near future in lieu of focusing more exclusively on the 80's, with exception of a few artists.

Turning around, I have a work table set up, which used to house my USS Flagg, and underneath my Terror Drome and Defiant Shuttle Complex. It's odd how I "had" to have these a few years ago, and now, don't miss them at all.

This is now where I store my comic books, the majority of which are Spider-Man related titles.

Moving into the bedroom, this is where I watch my cartoons, and play my vintage NES.

Cartoons are a plenty. I love me some 80's cartoons, and really enjoy grabbing these when I can. So much so that after I took these photos, ten more sets arrived on my doorstep.

Most of these are 80's cartoons, but there's a sprinkling of 70's and 90's (and beyond) series, as well as very few select live action TV shows. These include, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Married With Children, and the three V sets, V: The Mini Series, V: The Final Battle, and V: The Television Series.

For those of you curious, these were the additional DVD's which arrived right after I initially scheduled this post.

I'm still waiting for my Mister T season one, The California Raisins Collection, and the complete five volume set of Garfield And Friends.
Turning around is one final bit of nostalgic goodness...and a lazy dog.

On top of the dresser is my complete in box NES, and Fallout Xbox One controller.

Inside the bottom two drawers are hidden a tome of NES cartridges to pop into the console sitting on the television stand. Hours of fun for everyone!

Honestly, this setup doesn't really work because the drawers are too heavy. You can't open them far before the start to groan and fall at an angle. Now that I think of it, I'll probably use that last CD shelf for these games, and put them next to my cartoon shelves.

Sure, there is an entire first floor to the house, but that place is boring. Upstairs is where you want to be!

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  1. Looks great, man! Everything in order! Surprisingly, my favorite area was the table where you have your comics down below and a box of cards sitting on top. That fold out table reminds me of the ones vendors would use at flea markets i used to frequent as a kid. I may have to look into picking one up for my cards.

    1. Fifty bucks at Wal-Mart. Works great for sorting stuff, rebagging comics, organizing, etc. Definitely worth the money.

  2. Looks great. I see you finally purchased some retro Marvel figures. Resistance is futile.

    1. I think I went back the next day and got those from Echo Base. Well, except red suit Spider-Man. I had to get that off ebay.