Bob & Doug McKenzie (McFarlane Toys)

Bob & Doug McKenzie
McFarlane Toys

You like action figures, eh? You like beer, eh? You like SCTV, eh? What about Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas, eh? Tired of reading the word

Bob and Doug McKenzie were the fictional hosts of Great White North - A skit seen on SCTV. Bob (Rick Moranis) and Doug (Dave Thomas) often times spoke about Canadian life and culture, frequently referring to each other as hosers in the process.

The success of the sketch led to a full length movie in 1983, and it is the film that these figures from 2000 are based on. While it's no doubt that McFarlane Toys brought their usual "A" game to the series, it's the accessories that really stand out. Each package is stuffed to the brim with them!

Beer bottles, beer cases, packages and lawn chairs - Each one is meticulously designed to compliment the figure perfectly. They alone are worth grabbing these figures if you wanted to incorporate them into another line of figures.

These days they're not difficult to track down, and at as little as $10.00 a piece (sometimes), they're not bank breaking at all. At most, we've seen them sell for $15.00 to $20.00 each, which still isn't all that bad. 

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